Challenge to Our Elected Officials

Challenge to Our Elected Officials
The Silent March challenges our elected leaders to reduce the number of gun deaths to a record low of 6,000 within the next four years -- by regulating the firearm industry.

In the past several decades, gun deaths have dropped from 40,000 (1991) to about 30,000 gun related-deaths a year (current).

Our goal is not legislation. And it's not confiscation.  It's saving lives by reducing gun violence.

We aim to match the low gun death rates of other nations such as Britain, Germany or Italy, where a lethal shooting is a rarity, not an everyday event.


We believe that many lives could be saved, and many injuries prevented, if:

  • firearms were regulated like other consumer products, for safety
  • every person who wishes to buy a firearm is subject to a background check, including at gun shows and "private" sales
  • Congress were to enact a ban on military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips 
  • the firearms manufacturing industry were to change the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of its products in such a way as to increase the safety of their product, and restrict access to criminals, felons and the mentally unstable, and
  • if limits were placed on the numbers of firearms that an individual could purchase at one time.

Gun violence is an epidemic that can be stopped — not by medical science, but through political will.

If you care about this issue,  2018 is the year to make your voice heard.