The Issue

Isn't it time the tragedy of gun violence stopped?

The toll taken by guns in America is enormous:

  • 30,000 dead every year.
  • 60,000 to 100,000 permanently injured every year.
  • $2-4 billion in health care costs annually.
  • $100 billion in lost productivity and indirect costs
  • A society fixated on crime and the fear of crime.

You'd be surprised by what most people don't know.

  • Your friends probably don't know how many people are really killed and injured by guns. ┬áIn a year, the number who die from guns would populate a small city.
  • Your colleagues probably don't know that most gun deaths are not even crime-related; over half are actually suicides, and many of these can be prevented.
  • You may not even realize that guns are not regulated for simple safety measures like other consumer products are, like cars, pharmaceuticals, foods and even toys.
  • And, most people aren't aware that, according to the US Supreme Court, we can regulate guns for safety without infringing on the Second Amendment.
  • So, take a step toward safety. Learn about this issue, talk to your friends, and join or create local groups. Vote, register others to vote. Call your elected officials and candidates. Get active, get going, get the word OUT!
  • Recent US surveys show that the majority of Americans support a range of policies that would reduce gun deaths.
  • Since the 1990's, gun violence has consistently rated among American's "top ten" worries for both adults and youth.